I was born in Lanus (Buenos Aires ,Argentina)

in the begenning of the 60'.

About a decade later I did my first strokes with help

(a lot of help)

of the Great Master Severino Garcia Bravo.

My youth was deeply influenced by brushes,

oils, watercolors and turpentine.

But, more fascinated by "scopes"

with passion I embraced Medicine (1984)

walking then away from canvas and paints.

I returned to take a brush, a kniffe an oil

nearly 20 years later.

They came back to my life

with a smell of gasoline,

with a sense of revival and

a lot of fresh air

I reunited to turpentine.

Another Great Master show me the way since then,

He is Amador Tanoira.

My master,

My friend.

Lucas De Feo

Lucas is a Doctor that becomes patient. Patient to discover places, shapes, colors, lights and create climates. A Great guy, a Sir and an artist in Life Conception. He was my pupil first, now my colleague and happily my friend..
Amador Tanoira