El Beso

History of Hero and Leandro

The monument is the work of French sculptor Jean Baptiste Paul Gask.

This work represents a Hero and Leander in Greek mythology.The monument "El Beso" (the kiss) is located in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the "Parque del Rosedal" (The Roses Garden).

The work is located on the lake's "Forest of the Rose"

Hero was a priestess of Aphrodite who lived in a tower in Sestos, at the end of the Hellespont. Leandro was a youth of Abydos who lived on the other side of the strait. Leandro fell in love with Hero and every night across the Hellespont by swimming to be with Hero.
She would light a lamp every night at the top of the tower to guide Leandro. They used to met during the hot summer. But a stormy winter night the wind blew out Hero's light, Leandro fight against waves in the sea and so, the lover lost his way and drowned. After that, Hero decided be launched from the tower, also dying,

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