San Giorgio Maggiore

Óleo sobre Tela, 100 x 70 cm, (2010)


La Vuelta de Rocha is a historic neighborhood of La Boca, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formerly called "The Port of Tachos" la Vuelta de Rocha is not officially recognized as one of the 48 neighborhoods of the city.

Vuelta de Rocha, is named in this way because a wide curve that makes the Riachuelo in this part of the city, before flowing into the estuary of the Río de la Plata and in memory of Alberto Rocha, one important erly businessman and rancher in the place.

It is believed that this could be the site of the first founding of the city ( a still discussed topic). Guided by the writings of Don Pedro de Mendoza, we have assumed that was the first seat of the city, in the present district of La Boca (theory advocated by Paul Groussac), while Guillermo Furlong historians have come to assume that the first current settlement was in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios, and others claim it was current area of Lezama Park.

In the early days of the colony, Hernando Arias de Saavedra commanded to build a defensive tower for the port, located in present Vuelta de Rocha, after the theft and looting of two anchored ships by English pirates on March 18, 1607

Since the mid-nineteenth century many yards were established at Vuelta de Rocha and its surroundings, among others, the Badaracco´s one.

Vuelta de Rocha is also called "The square of sighs" because Italian people from GENOVA used to met there reminding his homeland.

In "La Vuelta de Rocha" there is also a statue (a bust ) of the Almirante Gullermo Brown and a gun that belonged to the 25 de Mayo ship, commanded by the Almirante Brown. There is also a reminder that celebrates the Brown´s creation of the Arsena de la Armada in this place (Navy Arsenal).


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